Sexual Harassment Law Definition

Sexual harassment is a broad phrase that encompasses unwanted sexual advances as well as various forms of unwanted sexual verbal or physical attention. Sexual harassment does not have to be directed at a specific individual or be about sexual behavior. Sexual assault is the term used to describe nonconsensual sexual touching, which is illegal in most places.

Sexual harassment is considered a form of sexual discrimination by the federal government and most state governments. As a result, sexual harassment is forbidden in schools and workplaces, and many companies have internal policies in place to deal with sexual harassment allegations.

Sexual harassment law is the process of navigating these procedures, assessing whether there has been sexual harassment, and suing those who sexually harass others.

Term Definitions
Hostile Work Environment: An environment where a certain gender is objectified and insulted on a regular basis. The harassing behavior must be serious enough to prevent employees from performing their jobs.
A proposal to advance a certain employee or student in exchange for sexual favors.
Notes about the Workplace
Attorneys who specialize in sexual harassment practice in a range of contexts. Some people work for businesses or educational institutions to keep them educated and compliant with the law. Employer and educational institution sexual harassment attorneys may also assist employees or students with complaints in navigating internal complaint procedures.

Sexual harassment lawyers can also work on their own and represent employees or students who have attempted but failed to address sexual harassment charges. These lawyers will assist their clients in filing a lawsuit against their school or workplace. Plaintiffs’ lawyers typically work for small law firms and are compensated on a contingency basis, meaning they are paid a percentage of any damages award or settlement.

Finally, some sexual harassment lawyers work for state or federal government entities that deal with sexual harassment accusations.

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