Car wreck and injury 

When people are involved in car wrecks, the most common question they have is “How much can I recover for the damages I’ve incurred?” Several factors go into that.

If you have suffered an injury in a car accident, you may be undecided as to whether you should talk to a personal injury lawyer. You might think that your injuries are not THAT severe – that you don’t really need a personal injury attorney. Know that there’s a big difference in the results you’ll get if you have an experienced personal injury attorney represent you against insurance companies.

I recently represented a man who sustained bad injuries in a rear-end collision when he was hit by a truck. We were able to reveal that the defendant’s one million dollars of insurance wasn’t enough. We did some digging and found that the defendant had a universal policy of an additional two million dollars. We were able to get all three million dollars paid to my seriously injured client. You can be assured that the defendant’s insurance company was doing everything they could to minimize his claim.

Slips and falls

Slips, trips and falls aren’t just a problem for elders – about 75% of fall injuries happen to people under the age of 68. Simple tips to avoid a fall

1) Follow workplace safety guidelines;
2) Wear shoes that fit;
3) Pay attention to your surroundings

My philosophy is to be aggressive and passionate in prosecuting the personal injury claims of my clients, and I take each case I handle personally and give each client the service and attention they deserve.

I’m honored by this testimonial from Tim Fitzhenry:

“Scott is for real – he isn’t the guy on TV with the hammers or billboards. Scott is a good guy and his staff is too. Scott cares about right versus wrong not dollars. I’ll also add that it was Scott who was there – not an assistant and not someone else. Scott is ‘Good people.’ If you have the opportunity to sit down and talk to Scott, you’ll come away realizing he is for real and he won’t mislead you.”

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