Here Board-Certified Personal Injury Attorney Scott Sanes (L) talks about how your personal injury attorney should, of course, have integrity and experience but beyond that – he or she should be your champion.

No one likes a personal injury attorney until they need one. We understand. People think lawyers are the worst – sleazy spinners and ambulance chasers. When you need a personal injury attorney, do your research. Make sure he or she is experienced. Here at Sanes Larkin, Scott Sanes has been practicing law since 1982 and is one of a very few board-certified personal injury attorneys in Pearland/Brazoria County. He is highly regarded by clients and peers. In addition to experience and integrity, your lawyer should be your champion. Know that insurance companies are doing their best to mitigate your damages and decrease their client’s liability – they are not looking out for your best interest – your personal attorney is.

In terms of personal injury attorneys’ reputations, we must remember that manufacturers of products and businesses aren’t making decisions with your interest in mind. For example, asbestos has been taken out of our walls not because builders and manufacturers were worried about lung cancer; it was their fear of litigation. Silicone implants that were migrating into women’s bodies: they weren’t stopped because the manufacturers were worried that their profits would go down; they were worried about litigation. It’s litigation that often makes the difference and makes the products manufactured here in the United States the safest in the world.

You can be sure that the insurance companies are doing everything they can to minimize your claim. You need to work with a personal injury trial attorney who has deep experience to make sure you get a just recovery.

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